aleaMEMBER is the app your customer needs to train with alea. Customers download it from the AppStore or PlayStore and off they go.

alea is the digital training companion for your customers. A QR code is attached to each training device. By scanning this code, the user signals his training request on the corresponding device.

If your customer has done the exercise before, his settings are saved and he can simply start. The mobile phone is now the training screen of the customer. alea asks him to set the correct weight and gives him security during the training by specifying the speed and range of movement. alea documents the progress of the training and refers to the exercises that are pending.

If your customer is exercising on the device for the first time, aleaMEMBER guides through the exercise set up, asks for the training goal (series, number of repetitions, pace are automatically stored according to this selection) and the training weight and off they go! Here, aleaMEMBER automatically measures the customer’s range of motion and takes this as the default setting.

Of course, the trainer (if required) can influence the set up process at any time using the aleaTRAINER App.

aleaMEMBER keeps an eye on the training performance of the user and rewards effort and correct training units with intensity adjustments.

This way, training is made easy and safe!

Reduce the workload of your coaches and support your users not only on the machine. No matter whether customers do functional or free exercises, sweat during cardio sessions or keep up with strength exercises, alea is an information tool, digital training plan, course information platform and digital training diary all in one!


It’s your choice! Let your customers train with the mobile phone as a training screen, or provide an additional tablet on the training machine. The tablet mounted on the training machine is called aleaDEVICE.

Your customers log on to the training device. aleaDEVICE loads the training data of the user and offers him/her the possibility to inform him/her about the exercise and the machine settings required.

If the user has already completed the exercise, all relevant information is available. aleaDEVICE provides information about the correct device settings, the intended training weight and the number of repetitions to be completed. aleaDEVICE instructs your customer to train at the correct speed and range of motion. Biofeedback makes the training playful and challenging, improves concentration and execution of movements as well as the training quality.

All specifications are displayed on the tablet in a large and clear manner. Every customer can choose the appropriate size and the optics (light or dark).

After successful training, alea saves and documents the training progress and forwards your customer to the next exercises.

You also decide whether your customers can supplement exercises independently. A wizard guides you through the set up dialog. Set the device, select the training goal, define the weight and get started. The range of motion is measured automatically based on your client’s first repetitions. If your customer over- or underestimates the selected training weight, this is no problem. alea automatically adjusts the intensity depending on the training performance!


Your trainers should have influence on the training process at all times. No problem!

aleaTRAINER is the app that allows direct access to the training screen of the user! Anytime and anywhere! By scanning the QR code on the strength machine or in the aleaMEMBER App, the trainer transfers the customer’s training screen to the aleaTRAINER App, makes all necessary settings and subsequently releases the exercise for the user.

The user can then continue training at the same place but with changed parameters! Being an aleaTRAINER means direct access anytime and anywhere!

Instructing or supervising several users at the same time on your training area? – alea stands for efficiency and offers the right solution for this need with the care list! The care list contains all members currently active on the training area, sorted chronologically, the tiresome search for the right customer is done automatically. Seamless switching between customers is possible without barriers! Fast, simple, efficient! And always in the right place.


The aleaBOX turns steel mountains into intelligent training devices. It is the heart and brain of alea. The aleaBOX makes the difference!

It is connected to precise sensors, measures the pinned weight, realizes the speed and range of movement of your customer and communicates with the aleaDATABASE.

The aleaBOX realizes biofeedback together with the sensor. It transmits the BIOFEEDBACK information to the customer’s smartphone or tablet – the visualization takes place in seconds and in real time. It could not be more modern!

You don’t need to worry about the installation and configuration of the aleaBOX plus sensor technology. We do that for you! Hardly bigger than a cigarette box, the aleaBOX can be set in scene or hidden inside the device.

LAN or WLAN? – No matter, we take what you provide us with!

Also the question CLOUD or not, does not arise! alea can do both! You decide where we install the aleaDATABASE for you!



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